Fit for fertility

A healthy body, lifestyle and mind can help you to conceive

Green vegetable smoothie with celery and cucumber.

For many, the road to parenthood can be a rollercoaster ride and it can be tempting to quickly turn to IVF if you’re having trouble conceiving. Of course, there may be underlying medical problems which are stopping you from conceiving, but if you are just beginning to plan your family or you have been trying to conceive for only a short time, it is worth finding out whether there are any immediate changes you can make to your diet, lifestyle or daily exercise routine that could improve your chances of getting pregnant naturally.

This Fit for Fertility website is also designed to help you identify areas of your life that you may be able to make positive changes to before embarking on fertility treatments such as IVF. It will take a look at why it is important to adopt a holistic mind-body approach when preparing to conceive; because taking care of your emotional wellbeing is as important and as significant as taking care of your body.

However, if you can’t identify any improvements that you could make, then please contact us to arrange a fertility assessment with one of our fertility specialists.