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Balancing your blood sugar levels

Sugar itself is not a food group, although it is naturally present in certain foods such as fruits. The importance of balancing your blood sugar levels is because excess sugar consumption can lead to inflammation, hormone disruption (which can affect fertility), continued stimulation of the adrenal glands, yeast infections, lowered immunity, which may contribute to … Continue reading Balancing your blood sugar levels

Easter eggs, spring and fertility
Eggs, Easter and fertility

Long before chocolate eggs, Easter and fertility became part of the Christian celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, it was a pagan Equinox ritual and ancient cultures, including the Ancient Egyptians, Persians and Romans celebrated using eggs, which were a primitive symbol of fertility. Many different gods and goddesses were worshipped, and feasts were … Continue reading Eggs, Easter and fertility

Festive fertility fayre

With the colder conditions of the winter months possibly improving sperm quality and boosting male fertility, and couples spending more time together through the long winter nights, December is often referred to as the most fertile month of the year, with more babies being conceived in December than in any other month of the year. … Continue reading Festive fertility fayre