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Moderate exercise can prepare and protect your body

Giving up all forms of exercise may seem like the safest thing to do when you are trying to conceive. But the stronger your body and its muscles, joints and organs are, the more prepared it will be to carry a baby to full term.

There are a number of high-impact sports, hobbies and interests that should be avoided though. Any activities that could cause you to slip, trip, fall or collide with the ground, an object or another competitor should be avoided.


High impact sports you might want to avoid when trying to conceive

Horse riding – causes stress to core muscles, back and pelvis. Risk of serious injury from a fall.
Tennis – risk of trips, falls and muscle sprains.
Squash – risk of trips, falls and collisions with opponents.
Netball – risk of trips, being hit with a ball and collisions with opponents.
Hockey – risk of trips and falls, being hit with a ball or stick and collisions with opponents.


Low impact activities that are considered safer around pregnancy

Walking/hiking – low impact on joints and muscles.
Swimming – minimal impact on joints and muscles, great for weight loss.
Yoga – strengthens core muscles, relieves stress and tension.
Pilates – strengthens joint mobility and balance, minimal risk of injury.
Resistance training (low weight or bodyweight) – improves muscle strength, which is key to helping your body cope when carrying extra weight later in your pregnancy.

Preparing your body for pregnancy

If you are already a regular gym user, there’s no need to stop all exercise as soon as you decide to have a baby. But you should look to reduce the intensity of your workouts over a reasonable period of time. The less time your body needs to repair and recover, the more energy it can use to create a suitable environment for a baby to grow and develop.

Is it safe to lose weight when trying to conceive?

Intense exercise is not recommended before, during or immediately after pregnancy. But combining moderate aerobic exercise with a healthy diet should help you lose weight at a safe and steady rate.

If your BMI is affecting your ability to conceive, you can contact one of our consultants to discuss your options.

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